With the advent of new sales methodologies such as The Challenger Sale, many have come to regard BANT as outdated. Once a prospect has budget for a project the opportunity to initiate the sales journey has been missed.  Thus, PACT is an alternative lead definition method. The PACT acronym is defined as follows: 

  1. Pain – Pressing business issue identified and acknowledge. 
  2. Authority – There are likely multiple decision makers. Not necessarily who will sign on the dotted line (although good to know) but who can make it happen. 
  3. Consequence – Companies live with pain all the time. The key is to identify the implication of not acting.  A company not in motion is much harder to move that one who has realized the consequences of not acting. 
  4. Target Profile – Confirm fit and identifying red flags.  Are there technical, cultural, or internal political issues that will kill the deal?
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