Move past selling 101 and learn the advanced rules of the lead generation game. Growth Orbit sales development training provides the most advanced selling skills and methodologies to ensure your B2B lead generation program success.

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Jill Turk

Director, Training and Sales Effectiveness

“Finding and hiring talented Sales Development and Business Development Representatives is hard enoughOnce they are on board, the real work begins — developing the critical selling skills necessary to ensure their success.  Product knowledge is not enough.  Sales Development requires advanced skills to navigate organizations and gatekeepers, effectively engage with insight, identify painpoints, and ultimately, develop interest in change.  It is a tall order requiring advanced skills which we have been developing for years.”

Developing High-Performance SDRs & BDRs


Critical Sales Skills that SDRs Need

Possessing knowledge about the product or service you’re selling is important. But a sales development representative is going to spend about 70 to 85 percent of their time navigating organizations and gatekeepers, researching prospects, asking questions, and listening. Sales development is a discipline that rarely comes naturally, and the skills it requires must be put to work before product knowledge is demonstrated. Being able to reach a prospect, knowing how to properly engage with insights and identify pain points are the critical skills to master. Without these skills, the SDR’s knowledge of the product is useless.

Advanced SDR Skills Development Training


Structured Learning Fosters Sales Skills Mastery for SDRs

Selling is a skill. Like other skills, sports, or activities sales can be learned and mastered. Effective selling skills is essential for sales success. With proper training and coaching, sellers can be equipped to be more effective in engaging prospects, identifying need, and developing qualified leads. Success requires the proper mix of people, proven methodologies, and technology.

A successful SDR skills development program requires a structured curriculumtesting, and ongoing coaching with skills reinforcement.  Growth Orbit’s SDR Skills Development Program establishes a repeatable and scalable process to ensure your team gains the sales skills needed for success.

SDR sales skills training improves lead gen performance

Why your Selling Skills Development Program Matters

Sales Training Improves Sales Rep Performance

Contrary to popular opinion, the sales profession requires significant skills, and success is only achieved when these skills are continuously honed and developed. Studies have found that salespeople who receive frequent training and coaching outperform those that don’t. Despite this, most salespeople receive no formal sales training or coaching and are left to figure it out for themselves.

Even if they can attend sales training, most salespeople do not realize its full benefits because there is no post training follow-up to ensure adoption and mastery of key skills, behaviors, and performance standards. Without structured post-training coaching, most sales skills covered in the training program will be lost within 30 days.

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Developing High Performance Sales Teams

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