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Recruiting the right sales talent is critical to your business. Hiring can be time consuming, costly, and hard to get right. Growth Orbit can help you find the best outside, inside, or developmental sales professionals.

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Finding talented people is difficult.

Many organizations, large and small, find recruiting of Sales Professionals to be a difficult process. As your company grows, so does your requirements for highly skilled, experienced candidates who will fit your culture and be productive for the long term.

The more often you hire, the more important it becomes to develop standards and processes to help you identify and engage with worthy candidates. With national averages for sales rep turnover running between 34% and 55% most companies are in the mode of perpetually looking for great talent. 

Growth Orbit can help you by providing great candidates who are vetted through our proprietary evaluation processes to match skills, personality, intellect, and compensation with your requirements.

Onboarding takes too long.

Ramp up time will vary for everyone as sales cycles differ and the complexity of the solutions being sold affect the time it takes to train someone new. There are different ways to calculate an expected ramp up period as well. Regardless of how its calculated, the reported average ramp up time for B2B sales professionals is 5.5 months. Combine that with 3 to 4 months to find and hire someone and you are facing nearly a year of sunk costs before your investment in talent begins to pay off.

Growth Orbit can help you find top talent in your industry, equipped with the skills and experience you need, which can shorten the ramp up time.

Top performers move on.

Employee turnover is a fact of life in the business world. People retire. People move. People get let go. Whatever the reason, salespeople have one of the shortest median tenures, with an average of just under 2.5 years. For companies in need of top sales talent, losing a highly productive rep can be devastating.

While there are many reasons salespeople leave; compensation, leadership, better opportunities, the common denominator is usually a mismatch of expectations between the candidate and the company.  Growth Orbit’s recruiting process can help you keep top talent by working with you to clearly understand the position, culture, opportunity, and your expectations and matching candidates that are seeking those same goals.

Great Recruiting Leads to Great Sales Results

Recruiting the very best sales talent is challenging and yet critical to your company’s success.  Missing quotas, long ramp times, and high turnover are all indicators of a failed hire.  At Growth Orbit we’ve been recruiting, training, and mentoring sales professionals for over 26 years.  We use a proprietary evaluation process with multiple touch points, interview guides, and testing before we ever bring a candidate to our customers.  We match skills, personality, intellect, and compensation to your requirements.  Our recruitment solutions can include comprehensive sales skills training teaching the basics of SPIN and Challenger methodology as well as ongoing mentoring. 

Unlike other recruiting firms, we are dedicated to finding the very best outside, inside, and development sales professionals.  Discover how Growth Orbit can turn the recruiting challenge into a streamlined process delivering top sales professionals eager to accelerate your success. 


Lack of Qualified Candidates

HR professionals report finding ''few or no qualified applicants'' for the open positions they need to fill.

May 2020 Report by the National Federation of Independent Businesses.


Not Looking, but Listening

According to LinkedIn, 70% of candidates are ''passive'' and not actively looking. However, 49% of those candidates follow companies on social media specifically to watch for job openings.

LinkedIn survey of more than 14,000 global professionals on how they search for jobs.


Short Tenure

In 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics sited that employees with fewer than 3 years with their current employer made up slightly more than one-third of all employees.

September 2018. Employee Tenure report released the by Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Department of Labor.

Growth Orbit Insights

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Why sales development programs fail. #3 No sales structure.

Many sales leaders struggle to answer why sales development programs fail. You may have great salespeople. They may always hit their numbers. But, without a structured sales process, you run the risk of watching good leads go to waste.

Why sales development programs fail. #2 Bad prospecting data.

Many sales leaders struggle to answer why sales development programs fail. Bad market data will kill a program before it has a chance to succeed. Don’t let that be the reason for failure. Follow this advice to develop good market data.