Expert Insights on B2B Lead Generation Strategies and Tactics


Over the years we have written several insightful and compelling articles, guest blog posts, and downloadable lead generation white papers. Here is a collection of our most popular documents covering lead generation topics, such as messaging, managing team, getting a purchase decision, planning and forecasting. If you have interest in other lead generation white paper topics, please let us know. We may have some excellent content in our archives that we can provide.

Why Your Salesforce Needs Fewer Leads

your sales tea needs fewer leads

Contrary to widespread belief, sales reps don’t need more leads. They need leads that have been carefully qualified, properly nurtured, and appropriately developed, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

How to Run Sales Development Like a Pro

how to better manage lead generation programs

Our Guide to lead generation and how to hire, develop, and keep your top sales talent like a boss! In this whitepaper we share some of the secrets outsourced sales development organizations deploy to achieve maximum result.

10 Characteristics of High Performing Sales Organizations

high performing B2B sales teams

Building a high-performance sales organization is not easy. There is no shortage of books, methodologies, or experts with opinions on how to achieve top performance, but how do you know where to start? In this White Paper, you will find an overview of the key characteristics that all high-performing sales organizations exhibit.

Why Your Messaging is All Wrong

why your messaging is all wrong for lead generation

If you can’t quickly and concisely explain what your business does, potential customers will just tune you out. This whitepaper shares some tactics that you must use to explain your company in an impactful, meaningful way that engages your prospects and draws them into the story.

Are you Struggling to Accurately Forecast Sales?

accurate sales forecasting

The traditional approach to managing sales, where the focus is on the sales activity, not the customer’s needs, is flawed.  In this whitepaper, we discuss ways in which you can accurately forecast sales by understanding and aligning with your customer or prospective customer’s buying journey.

Is your Growth Plan Out of Reach?

revenue growth planning

Predictable, scalable, and reliable expansion is the best avenue towards creating systemic, sustainable revenue growth. This paper discusses the importance of defining your growth plan as well as creating and adhering to a formula for achieving those plans.

Are you Losing to No Decision?

Are you losing business to buyers delaying decisions?

The majority of leads who enter your sales cycle ultimately make the decision to purchase nothing – a “no decision.” This paper shares some insight into why this outcome is so common, and shows how to tailor your sales approach to achieve better results.

4 Reasons Why Sales Development Programs Fail

For a lead development program to be successful requires a no-shortcuts approach. It’s an arduous process to reach out to prospects by phone to generate the high quality B2B leads your sales force needs. Doing it right takes a mix of skilled professionals and managers, and an understanding of a business’ industry, offer and value. It requires strict adherence to process, and tech savvy as well.

Growth Orbit Insights


How to Reduce SDR Turnover

Sales has always been notorious for high turnover, but so far in 2022, it is three times higher than any other industry according to HubSpot. Because Sales is a necessity for every B2B organization, and Sales Development Representatives [SDRs] are the key to filling the top of the sales funnel, minimizing turnover is critical, but how? Here are a few practical methods on how to reduce SDR turnover.

Top Challenges in Healthcare Lead Generation

B2B lead generation for the healthcare industry is challenging. Many factors contribute to the difficulties. Unless you are ready to overcome these challenges you should outsource to the experts to generate high quality healthcare sales leads.

Is B4B the next generation business model?

So, what is B4B? More than just a creative acronym, it is a real concept that represents a strategic shift in business models. Business-for-business is being readily adopted by many forward-thinking organizations. In fact, your organization may already be practicing some of the B4B model’s concepts. So, how can you tell, and does it really matter?

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