Generating leads in the government sector requires real-world experience and a unique set of skills.

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B2G Leads for Government Vendors


Generating leads in the government sector requires a distinct set of knowledge and sales methodologies than that of private enterprises. Our government sales development programs go beyond the basics of lead generation and consider the complexities and nuances associated with selling into government agencies. Our programs are data driven, built on proven methodologies specific to government, and developed by experienced sales professionals.

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Client Testimonial


“When looking for a lead generation and qualification partner to support our sales and marketing teams, we chose Growth Orbit because of their expertise in government and experienced staff. Their understanding of this market was especially important given its unique processes, sales cycles, and regulations. We also found Growth Orbit’s methodologies, productivity, and professionalism to be in line with our own. During the multi-year partnership, Growth Orbit has played an integral part in our Accela's growth. Even during the uncertain times of the pandemic, the leads never stopped.”
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Heidi Lorenzen

Senior Vice President, Marketing

Our Government Lead Generation Program Services


By outsourcing B2G lead generation to us, you can gain new insights into your government segments, engage more prospects, generate more qualified public-sector leads, and drive more predictable revenue growth.

Our process for designing a successful lead generation blends our government experience with our proven sales methodologies. With years of experience, we design results-driven lead generation programs focused on companies that specialize in serving federal, state and local governments. Growth Orbit delivers customized, structured lead generation programs designed to fit the unique needs of the government sector.

Our sales development program identifies the right processes, systems, benchmarks, market data, and roles to help you achieve a lead generation program that delivers real revenue results for government vendors.

Sales Development Programs for the Government Sector


We understand government’s unique processes.

Government agencies are under strict regulations, mandates, and public scrutiny. As a result, their buying processes are complex and usually involve a group of individuals – who often change with new administrations. Sales cycles can span years since priorities change, and it may take several attempts for a project to finally make it into the budget.  When purchases are made, they often require a Request for Proposal [RFP] which adds to the sales complexity.

Generating leads in the government sector requires a special business acumen.  We understand the rules of government, their processes, and their language.  We look beyond the titles and focus on the roles specific personas play within the process and adjust our messages accordingly.  We understand decisions are made by multiple individuals and target not only decision-makers, but influencers, initiators, and gate keepers as well.

Growth Orbit’s Approach to the Government Sector

Strategy Development

It’s critical that your strategy is grounded in proven methodologies, tailored for your market, and structured to measure and manage results.

Target List Acquisition & Enhancement

We will build, acquire, and enhance the company and contact data needed for successful targeting.

Addressable Market Analysis

In-depth analysis of the total addressable market provides actionable insights into segments, trends, and prioritization strategies.

Advanced Lead Generation Program Tactics

Predictable results are best achieved through a proven framework.  Growth Orbit has developed a formula for lead generation success by working on thousands of client engagements.

Messaging Strategy Development

It takes a clear understanding of your market to create insightful messaging that brings insight and relevance to your target market and ideal customer profile.

Sales Development Playbooks

The sales development playbook is the strategic foundation to building a repeatable, scalable lead generation process to accelerate your growth.  It is the core tool that supports all other selling activities and serves as the guide to your products and services.

Program Metrics and Performance Management

Not measuring and analyzing the operations and strategic activities of your lead generation campaign will great affect its success.  How else will you know if the strategy you created is on point, and where to make appropriate adjustments?

Why a Professional Approach to Sales Development in the Public Sector Matters

B2G sales methods for successGovernment priorities change and are often tied to the current administrations’ initiatives, funding programs and special priorities (i.e. Special-Purpose-Local-Option-Sales-Tax or SPLOST, Cares Act, etc.) Data and analytics play a vital role in lead generation for the government sector.  It is important to have a detailed understanding of the current market and organizational responsibilities, but most organizations lack the resources and knowledge to properly size and scope a program accurately.

Growth Orbit’s proven methodologies ensure predictable, repeatable results, and make certain the right message reaches the right targets at the right time.  Let our dedicated team of experts design a lead generation program specifically for your unique needs.

You know your business. We know lead generation. Let’s develop the right program together and help you accelerate your growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions about selling to the Government 

How does Growth Orbit navigate the lengthy sales cycles common in government lead generation?

Growth Orbit navigates lengthy government sales cycles by employing a strategic, patient approach focused on building relationships and maintaining consistent engagement over time. We leverage detailed market analysis to understand the timing and budget cycles of government agencies. Our methodologies include nurturing leads through educational content, regular updates, and tailored communications to stay top of mind with decision-makers and influencers until they are ready to proceed with a purchase.

What specific strategies does Growth Orbit use to address the complex decision-making processes in government sales?

To address the complex decision-making processes in government sales, Growth Orbit employs a multi-faceted strategy targeting not just the primary decision-makers but also influencers, initiators, and gatekeepers within the agency. We develop tailored messaging that speaks to the specific concerns and objectives of each role within the buying process. Our team also focuses on understanding and aligning with government priorities, mandates, and regulatory requirements to ensure that our clients’ solutions are presented as both relevant and compliant.

Can Growth Orbit assist in the RFP process for government sales?

Yes, Growth Orbit can assist in the Request for Proposal (RFP) process for government sales. Our services include helping clients understand the RFP requirements, advising on strategy and positioning, and supporting the development of compelling, compliant proposal content. While we may not write the RFP response in its entirety, our deep understanding of government procurement processes allows us to provide valuable insights and guidance to increase the likelihood of a successful bid.

How does Growth Orbit keep up with changing priorities and initiatives within the government sector?

Growth Orbit keeps up with changing priorities and initiatives within the government sector through continuous research, active engagement with government entities, and participation in relevant industry events and forums. Our team monitors legislative changes, funding allocations, and administration shifts that could impact government purchasing. This proactive approach ensures that our lead generation strategies remain aligned with current government needs and priorities, enabling us to adapt quickly to new opportunities.

What makes Growth Orbit’s approach to government sector lead generation unique?

Growth Orbit’s approach to government sector lead generation is unique due to our comprehensive understanding of the public sector’s specific challenges and requirements. Unlike generic lead generation services, we focus on the nuances of government sales, including regulatory compliance, complex decision-making hierarchies, and lengthy procurement cycles. Our specialized knowledge, combined with proven sales methodologies and a data-driven strategy, enables us to generate high-quality, qualified leads that are more likely to convert into successful government sales.

Outsource to a Team that Understands Government Sales

The experts at Growth Orbit have perfected outbound lead programs for the government sector. We understand that selling to the government is challenging.  Our B2G Lead Generation Services team is ready to help you achieve predictable, repeatable success.

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