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We’ll handle the lead generation program development. You handle the sales. Read about the 10 characteristics of high performing sales teams.

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“Sales development is one of the most important functions an organization can build to become a predictable, scalable, and efficient revenue machine. But most organizations lack the experience, tools, and resources to develop a successful sales development program. We leverage our years of experience and hundreds of successful engagements, backed by research and our proven methodologies, to define and develop a successful, actionable sales development program to fuel your growth.”

Advanced Sales Development Programs That Work


Proven Processes for Successful Lead Generation Programs

Generating leads is hard work. So, for a lead generation program to be successful, it requires a no-shortcuts approach. It’s an arduous process to engage potential prospects and generate the quality leads your sales force needs.

There is a lot to get right. In fact, doing it right takes a mix efforts and resources. First, you will need skilled people. Next, you must be sure your people have the proper business acumen. So that you get consistent results you need to follow a structured process. Moreover, your people need access to the right enabling technologies. Last, but not least, you will need data analytics for tracking and a managing performance.

Because there’s so much involved in doing sales development well, most sales development programs fail. But failure doesn’t have to be a foregone conclusion. A structured approach to developing a comprehensive program — and avoiding the pitfalls — is the best way to achieve success and generate the sales pipeline your business needs.

The Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation Program Development


While every company is different, the process for designing a successful lead generation program needs to rely on proven expertise and repeatable processes. With years of experience designing results-driven lead generation programs, Growth Orbit has developed a proprietary methodology to design customized, structured lead generation programs that fit your business needs.

Our sales development program process identifies the right processes, systems, benchmarks, market data, and roles to help you achieve a lead generation program that delivers real revenue results.

Growth Orbit’s B2B Lead Generation Program Development Service

Strategy Development

It’s critical that your strategy is grounded in proven methodologies, tailored for your market, and structured to measure and manage results.

Target List Acquisition & Enhancement

We will build, acquire, and enhance the company and contact data needed for successful targeting.

Addressable Market Analysis

In-depth analysis of the total addressable market provides actionable insights into segments, trends, and prioritization strategies.

Advanced Lead Generation Program Tactics

Predictable results are best achieved through a proven framework.  Growth Orbit has developed a formula for lead generation success by working on thousands of client engagements.

Messaging Strategy Development

It takes a clear understanding of your market to create insightful messaging that brings insight and relevance to your target market and ideal customer profile.

Sales Development Playbooks

The sales development playbook is the strategic foundation to building a repeatable, scalable lead generation process to accelerate your growth.  It is the core tool that supports all other selling activities and serves as the guide to your products and services.

Program Metrics and Performance Management

Not measuring and analyzing the operations and strategic activities of your lead generation campaign will great affect its success.  How else will you know if the strategy you created is on point, and where to make appropriate adjustments?

Why a Professional Approach to Sales Development Matters

The need to drive more qualified leads into the top of the funnel to your sales force never ends. Despite this, so many B2B companies often fail to generate enough qualified leads. And without those leads they fil to achieve their growth targets. Why? Because lead generation is complex. Basically, most organizations lack the necessary skills, resources, and technology to execute correctly.

Clearly, a lot goes into running an effective and high-performance sales development effort. Which is why many B2B organizations turn to an outsourced lead generation provider. Growth Orbit has the proven combination of experienced resources, methodologies, technology, and management disciplines. That is to say, we do what’s necessary to define and structure a successful lead generation program.

You know your business. We know lead generation. So, let’s develop the right program together. We’re a dedicated team of sales and marketing professionals, industry thought leaders, and technology specialists. To summarize, we are here to help accelerate your revenue growth. We have the experience. We have the expertise. And we’re driven to help you accelerate your growth.

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10 Characteristics of High Performing Sales Organizations

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The Importance of Sales Training

All too often, sales teams are not provided with ongoing sales training. To improve sales performance, increase revenue, and drive overall growth organizations should prioritize training for their sales reps. It’s important to understand the impact training, or lack thereof, has on morale, customer satisfaction, and ultimately – results.

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Email is an essential tool in sales as it allows sales team members to communicate effectively and efficiently with potential customers.  Email is a valuable sales tool, but what can we do to make it the most effective? Here are 10 ways to improve your email response rate.

Quick Tip: 8 Essential Steps to prepare for a Sales Discovery Call

Preparing for a sales discovery call is critical for a successful outcome. By following these 8 simple steps, sales reps will be able to anticipate and address any objections while they learn more about their potential customer and determine if they are a fit for the solution being offered.

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