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Previously unimaginable events have forced the necessity for rapid, significant changes in the way businesses operate. The move toward remote work and the use of technology to replace in-person communication has had an especially big impact on sales. These changes have forced new behaviors on buyers as well. 


So, how do you participate in this “new normal?” Discover how Growth Orbit can help you deliver your own virtual events.

Our Guide to Lead Gen

How to Run Sales Development Like a Pro

Do you struggle with growth?

Why your Salesforce Needs Fewer Leads

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Let’s face it. Selling is tough.

Currently, your salespeople aren’t making enough calls, they aren’t having enough value conversations, and engagement with the right prospects is far below where it needs to be. Your team is more fluent in product features and benefits than delivering relevant business insights and value by truly understanding your clients needs with adaptive selling. To achieve your revenue growth plan something must change. Growth Orbit can help.

10 Characteristics of High Performing Sales Organizations

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Meet Lee Hicks. One of our Partners.

Growth Orbit Partner Lee Hicks on why the modern sales organization must adapt or die!

How we do it.

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    The Growth Orbit process begins with our proprietary assessment and benchmarking methodology to establish an organizational performance baseline and gap analysis.

  • 2

    Solution Strategy

    With a solid understanding of how your organization stacks up with best-in-class, we perform a value assessment to identify those high-impact areas or gaps that justify a solution.

  • 3


    An optimized solution is then implemented to deliver maximum value as defined by the gap analysis and value assessment.

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    Measure Value

    Ultimately, we measure our success by your success. We actively monitor and report results against targeted goals and adapt to changing conditions to ensure we exceed your expectations and deliver measurable value.

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