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5 must-have board slides for SaaS sales and revenue leaders

As a revenue leader at large and small technology companies, I’ve spent the last 15 years attending a lot of quarterly board meetings.

These meetings take countless hours to prepare for and can create a lot of stress. The prep and the practice can be draining, and, more importantly, distracting from your daily grind.  Read more…

  1. Generative AI’s future in enterprise could be smaller, more focused language models
    Published on 2023-04-01 By Ron Miller
  2. DocuSign could be suffering from a pandemic growth hangover
    Published on 2023-04-01 By Ron Miller
  3. OpenAI geoblocks ChatGPT in Italy
    Published on 2023-04-01 By Natasha Lomas

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Rountable: What makes a smart hospital so smart?

What makes a smart hospital so smart? You might think it’s the use of artificial intelligence and virtual care services, or strategic investments in IT infrastructure. Ultimately, however, the leaders at these healthcare organizations share one important trait: a commitment to technological innovation when it promises to positively affect patient care. Read More…

Talking about Telecom

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Cisco and DISH establish ‘multi-layered’ agreement to accelerate 5G services deployment

The partners will build what they’re calling the first “smart” 5G network in the US.

In practice, DISH will be able to provide slices of its open network to meet the specific needs of various industry verticals. Cisco will help DISH with delivering a network that will predict, self-heal, and self-optimise with closed-loop automation for transport network slicing. Read more…

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