With over 20 years generating qualified leads, we have deep experience in a range of business sectors

We generate high quality sales leads for a number of different industries, including but not limited to B2B technology, telecommunications, healthcare technology, cybersecurity, government suppliers, ERP providers, and private equity firms.

Top Industries Growth Orbit Serves

Driving Business Success Across Industries Through Custom Lead Generation

Healthcare Technology

healthtech lead generation for sales

Our experienced SDRs understand the organizational structure, terminology, and regulations of the healthcare industry. The healthcare technology lead programs we develop are data-driven and built specifically for the healthcare industry by top sales professionals.

B2B Technology

tech industry lead generation outsourcing

There are several segments within the technology landscape. Some are household names, many are start ups. We speak tech – from hardware, to software, to network infrastructure, to the cloud, to related services. Our advanced lead generation services connect high tech companies with high potential buyers.


outsourced lead programs for telecom

The brightest gem in our services crown, our telecom lead generation services are unmatched. Our experienced SDRs understand the terminology, acronyms, and the technology of telecom. Our sales professionals leverage industry benchmarks, detailed market data, and other insights to develop highly effective lead programs that drive significant returns.

Government Vendors

B2G lead generation service

Providing solutions and services to the public sector requires a unique set of skills. Generating B2G leads for government vendors is challenging, unless you partner with an agency that deploys the right processes and employees the right people. Our SDRs know the regulations, mandates and complex processes and how to navigate the conversations.

ERP Providers

ERP sales leads

Organizations in need of a new ERP solution have a long, difficult, and important decision to make. It can be a challenge to identify and engage with prospects contemplating such an expensive investment. Our lead generation services help ERP vendors and consultants connect with qualified prospects and conduct value-based conversations.


cybersecurity sales lead company

Cybersecurity is a hot industry with countless layers. No longer seen as an added expense, companies must treat cybersecurity as a central piece to how they operate and succeed. As threats evolve and risks grow our SDRs keep up with constantly changing market conditions so our lead generation efforts produce great results. Our strength is the ability pivot quickly to align messaging with precise targets.

Private Equity Firms

PE portfolio growth servicesWe provide revenue growth services to a wide range of private equity backed companies. Growth Orbit clients range from large, global organizations to smaller, high-growth oriented firms. We bring a highly sophisticated set of best practices and tactical resources to grow revenue and maximize your return on investment.

Growth Orbit works with investment and operating partners, and portfolio company leaders. We deliver customized, structured lead generation programs designed to fit the unique needs of Private Equity Firms.

B2B Lead Generation Services for a Variety of B2B Companies

Start-ups to Fortune 500

Quality lead generation is our specialty, but we don’t specialize in only one industry… with years of collective experience, our team of professionals have worked in every business sector imaginable. Understanding the unique nuances each market requires is critical to lead conversations with insight and produce qualified leads.  Not only must you know the terminology, acronyms, and technologies, but possessing an awareness of the specific buying processes and regulations varying industries require.  

We believe sales is a process, and our proven methodologies are fail-proof across all industries.  From properly defining your Total Addressable Market (TAM) to creating customized messages, let our team of professionals do the hard work needed to accelerate your growth. 

Growth Orbit Insights


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