Getting Lead Generation Fundamentals Right

We are true believers in establishing success by starting with a solid foundation. These fundamentals are critically important for creating successful lead generation programs.

Your Strategy is Shaped by Multiple Factors

First, you must understand the pains and problems of your potential customers. Next, the second most important lead generation fundamental, you need to do some market research to further define your realistic target market. Then, you have to determine your target audience’s hang outs – which groups are they members of, which events do they attend, which social media platforms are they most active in, and so forth.

Then, you can decide which methodology best fits your situation.  Are there key accounts to focus on? Should some segments of your contact list be called or should they be emailed? Will an ABM-style email outreach campaign work? How many attempts should your SDRs make when calling? Etc.

Finally, you can pick something and do it. Then make adjustment. And hit goals and be awesome and such.

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How to Reduce SDR Turnover

Sales has always been notorious for high turnover, but so far in 2022, it is three times higher than any other industry according to HubSpot. Because Sales is a necessity for every B2B organization, and Sales Development Representatives [SDRs] are the key to filling the top of the sales funnel, minimizing turnover is critical, but how? Here are a few practical methods on how to reduce SDR turnover.

Top Challenges in Healthcare Lead Generation

B2B lead generation for the healthcare industry is challenging. Many factors contribute to the difficulties. Unless you are ready to overcome these challenges you should outsource to the experts to generate high quality healthcare sales leads.

Is B4B the next generation business model?

So, what is B4B? More than just a creative acronym, it is a real concept that represents a strategic shift in business models. Business-for-business is being readily adopted by many forward-thinking organizations. In fact, your organization may already be practicing some of the B4B model’s concepts. So, how can you tell, and does it really matter?

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