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Growth Orbit lead generation solutions provide high quality B2B leads for growing organizations, from startups to the Fortune 500. We help our clients clarify their message, get more leads, and focus their sales efforts on those leads most likely to buy.
We uncover sales leads through outbound calling, email campaigns, and digital marketing methods designed to qualify and deliver high quality sales opportunities. We do the lead gen work, you get the sales results.

Why your Salesforce Needs Fewer Leads

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The pandemic destroyed your sales pipeline, now what?

What may have been a solid and growing sales pipeline has suddenly faltered thanks to the pandemic.  Your normal playbook is out the window, yet you still need to produce. But how? Leverage a expert lead generation service provider.

The pandemic destroyed your sales pipeline.

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Do you struggle with getting enough sales leads?

''Our pipeline is insufficient to achieve our sales goals.''

In our new pandemic-stricken world, insufficient sales pipelines are likely your new reality. Growing a business is hard but achieving sales success without face-to-face interaction is even more challenging. How do you overcome these new challenges and embrace opportunities? Using technology, knowing your customer’s journey, understanding their pain points, and clearly communicating are the keys to achieving predictable results in this new world.  Let us show you the way.

Achieving sales success is hard – creating, refining, and executing on a defined sales strategy that achieves consistent, predictable, and scalable results, even harder. Without a well-defined sales process, aligned with how your customers buy, your organization is dependent upon the tactics and skills of individual salespeople.  This leads to inconsistent and unpredictable results which threaten investor confidence, and ultimately, the business’s valuation.  There is a better way. Let us show you how to align how you sell with how your customer buys and achieve predictable results.

''Our sales organization is under performing.''

''Which lead generation solutions work best?''

SEO, content marketing, inbound, outbound, digital, events? The list is endless, but the truth is, there is no single answer. Concentrating all your efforts on one lead gen activity risks wasting money without getting results. Or if you take on too many activities, you risk burning through your budget too quickly. Ultimately, success requires a tightly integrated combination of activities. Let us show you how to assess, test, and achieve the optimum combination.

Sales Teams Need Support with Lead Generation Solutions

Many organizations face the challenge of supplying their sales teams with enough interested people to keep their pipelines full so they can focus their efforts on closing more business.

Misalignment from the Start


Different Priorities

Most salespeople say closing deals is their top priority. This prioritization leads to misalignment with Marketing’s pipeline-filling lead generation initiatives.

HubSpot survey of 3400+ sales and marketing professionals.

Persistence Pays


Keep on Dialing

Nearly all converted leads are reached by the sixth call attempt. Unfortunately, the average salesperson gives up on calling after only 2 attempts to reach a prospect.

Velocify Sales Optimization Study & HubSpot.

Do Whatever Works


Multi-touch Approaches Work

Business development reps that use a triple touch approach for lead generation have a 28% higher MQL-to-SQL rate than those who only use phone and email.

HubSpot survey of 3400+ sales and marketing professionals.

Our Guide to Lead Generation

How to Run Your Sales Organization Like a Pro

how to run sales like a pro

Is explaining what you do complicated?

''Sales struggles to explain what we do.''

The question sounds simple enough – “What does your company do?” Why then do a dozen different team members provide an equal number of unique answers, and many will struggle to provide a coherent answer at all. Or worse, you get the “its complicated” response or the half-hour long “tech-talk.” We get it. It can be hard to explain your business in simple terms, but it is a necessity. There is a better way. Let us share how our structured approach to message development can create compelling messaging that resonates with your prospects, drives engagement, and accelerates growth.

An overwhelming 86% of the value propositions salespeople present aren’t relevant enough to entice the customer to take action, according to a study by CSO Insights. Typically, they are long, irrelevant banter that leaves the customer confused about the offering and why they are speaking with the salesperson in the first place.  We believe there is a better way.  Let us help develop messaging that resonates with your prospects, simplifies the complex, differentiates you from your competition, and positions you for success.

''Customers don't understand our value proposition.''

''Our marketing message isn't resonating.''

Here’s a little secret – no one cares about your product, your company’s history, your awards, or your company’s greatness. If your messaging is ‘you’ centered, your lead gen efforts won’t succeed and you will lose sales.  Let us show you how to make your customer the hero of the story, by creating messaging that is about them and their challenges.

Simplify your Message to Be More Relevant

Delivering a clear and consistent message when introducing your company or your solutions requires a sound messaging strategy. Communicating with your audience requires demonstrating value and relevance regarding how your solutions solved their problems.

Buyers do their Homework


Online Messaging or Off the RADAR

Nearly 90% of B2B buyers conduct independent research online throughout their buying processes.

Google / Millward Brown Digital survey of 3000 B2B researching and 13 months of clickstream data.

Be Relevant and Useful


Buyers Demand Relevant Messaging

Frustration mounts when content is not relevant or useful for customers and their situation. Almost 3 out of 4 people make this claim.


Say it Again. And, again.


Repetition Builds Trust

Most potential customers need to hear messaging three to five times before they believe the claims.

Edelman Trust Barometer

Why Your Messaging is All Wrong

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Why Your Messaging is All Wrong White Paper by Growth Orbit

Are you losing sales to ''no decision?''

''We lose too many opportunities to status quo.''

In today’s world, many prospects are progressing through the buying process, independent of a particular seller, and performing research on their own. Salespeople too often assume this due diligence occurred and jump right into competitive positioning without understanding the customer’s motivations. This leads to wasted sales efforts and pursuing opportunities that are unlikely to buy at all. Let us show you how to change this dynamic, improve opportunity qualification, and stop losing to “no decision”.

Too often, salespeople are wasting valuable time on prospects that will never close. They fail to validate the underlying “why change” motivation of a buyer and never articulate the implication of inaction. By successfully learning the buyer’s motivations, salespeople can shape and guide the buyer’s journey, drive sales engagement, and ultimately improve the seller’s effectiveness. Let us show you how to master this technique and turn a “no decision” into “yes.”

''Too much effort is wasted on prospects not ready to buy.''

''Sales keeps missing its target.''

At the start of the fiscal year, many organizations begin with a new budget that includes revenue growth assumptions that turn out to be dead in the water by month number two. Too often, this is because their growth plan was unachievable and not grounded in data (yep, that’s right… data). Recurring revenue businesses are especially susceptible to this plight, given the rule of 78. To make things worse, research shows sales teams spend up to 60% of their time on prospects that are unlikely to ever buy.  Let us show you why this happens, how to identify this issue, and focus your team on the right opportunities.

Focus Sales Efforts on Leads More Likely to Buy

Pushing unqualified leads down your sales funnel results in wasted energy. To improve close rates, sales needs to prioritize and focus efforts on leads whose defined needs and motivations for change align with the solutions you offer that solves their problems.

Poor Performance Far Too Common


Not Everyone Hits Quota

Only 60% of sales reps hit their quotas.

CSO Insights. Sales Performance Optimization Study.

Make their Problem your Problem

10X Collaborative Words

Working Together Works Better

According to Chorus, successful salespeople are 10x more likely to use collaborative words, such as “us,” “we,” and “our” and avoid words like, “I” and “me.” 

Some Prospects Aren't Buyers


Lost Sales are Not Really Leads

At least 67% of lost sales are the result of unqualified prospects being taken through the sales process.

SPOTIO, April 2020.

Are you Losing to No Decision?

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Are you losing business to buyers delaying decisions?

Lead Generation Isn't Easy

 It’s OK to rely on outside resources.

These days, there isn’t a task, process, or function that can’t be outsourced to a specialist. Outsourcing is nothing new. It can allow your business to stay focused on core activities. It helps organizations gain efficiencies, improve effectiveness, and ultimately scale operations and grow. Some outsourced activities help you save money. Some outsourcing services help you make money.

Closely behind Accounting and Legal solutions, Digital Marketing to Generate Leads ranks as the 3rd most commonly outsourced service for B2B organizations. By choosing to partner with experts, your company can reap great returns on your sales and marketing investment. Our lead generation solutions are backed by decades worth of real-world experience and powered by top-notch, dedicated professionals.

So why choose us? Growth Orbit takes pride in delivering lead generation solutions that measure success based on quality, not quantity. The lead generation services we provide begin with an in-depth understanding of your audience, keen focus on your total addressable market, and a highly customized playbook based on loads of research and your direct input. Our experienced, US-based sales development reps (SDRs) work closely with your sales team to ensure proper hand-off of each and every lead. Our clients enjoy a 3X return on investment in year one, which builds to a 7X return by year three. So, no, lead generation isn’t easy. However, it is definitely easier when you can rely on the experts.

Growth Orbit Insights

Thought leadership, valuable insights and intellectual curiosity are central to our very core.

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