Quick Tip: 8 Essential Steps to prepare for a Sales Discovery Call

how to prepare for a discovery call

by Steve Schilling

A sales discovery call is an important opportunity for a salesperson to learn more about a potential customer and their needs, and to determine whether the company’s product or service is a good fit for them. Here are some best practices to follow when preparing for a sales discovery call:

1. Research the company and the person you will be speaking with. Know their industry, what they do, and any challenges or pain points they may be facing.

2. Review the company’s website and social media profiles to get a better understanding of their brand and what they value.

3. Look up the contact on LinkedIn and look for potential connections or key personal hobbies, recent career changes, and potential shared interest.

4. Prepare a list of questions to ask during the call. These should be designed to help you understand the customer’s needs, pain points, and goals.

5. Have a clear idea of how your product or service can solve the customer’s problems or help them achieve their goals, but don’t assume.  Learn about the customer’s needs and priorities first before you proscribe solutions.

6. Practice your pitch and be prepared to clearly articulate the value of your product or service.

7. Dress appropriately and make sure you have a quiet and professional environment for the call. Even in this world of online web conferences, your appearance and background matters!

8. Be prepared to listen actively and show genuine interest in the customer’s needs.

Preparing for a sales discovery call is critical for a successful outcome. It allows a sales representative to understand the needs and concerns of the potential customer, as well as to present a well-informed and compelling case for the product or service being sold. Preparing beforehand also allows the sales representative to anticipate and address any objections that the customer may have. Additionally, it enables the representative to build rapport and establish trust with the customer. Failure to prepare can lead to a disorganized and ineffective meeting, resulting in the loss of a potential opportunity and damaging the reputation of the company. By taking the time to thoroughly prepare for a sales discovery call, a sales representative can maximize their chances of success and close more deals.

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